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Alan Howe

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Hall Of The Lame, Media Watch
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Alan Howe has written another couple of illuminating articles in today’s Herald Sun. Of course in these articles Alan did what he does best, in spreading Islamaphobia to the ignorant that make up part of the Herald Sun’s readership. Today he decided to pick on Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, because of comments that he made twenty-one years ago saying that Salman Rushdie should be killed for writing the Satanic Verses. Sigh! Perhaps someone should tell Alan that people can change their opinions after two decades, although I’m sure that back in the 80s and 90s Howe was writing nonsensical anti-Islamic drivel (just as I’m sure he will be still writing such crap in another 20 years time!).

The big problem that I have with Howe’s articles is that he often resorts to personal attacks instead of dissecting what they have said. This is just poor, lazy journalism and shows just what a hack Howe really is. Just look at some of the arguments he offered in today’s paper.

That didn’t work. Later he became Cat Stevens and issued a couple of over-produced minor hits – Matthew & Son and I Love My Dog. Others used his songs to much better effect: P. P. Arnold made her name with The First Cut Is The Deepest, while the Tremeloes made the top 10 with Here Comes My Baby.

Umm… I don’t get the point. Alan is writing an article about Cat’s comments about Rushdie but instead turns it into a comment about his music. Of course Alan is a paragon of musical taste as I can remember when he used to host a show on 3AW playing mouldy relics that would help ward off insomnia.

I hope he kept himself nice; a Muslim chap can pay quite a price, perhaps 40 lashes, for pre-marital sex (80, I suppose, if he weakened both times) or worse. Forget TB, Cat, this is getting serious. Mind you, your girlfriends could well have been stoned to death had they been in some Islamic countries.

Of course Howe isn’t anti-Muslim, as he has said in the past some of his best friends are Muslim. (Gotta love the fact that he defends himself by using such an old cliché!) Of course Alan doesn’t mention that Cat had all that pre-marital sex before his conversion to Islam, so those stupid sarcastic remarks that he made mean nothing.

Islam, a yet-to-mature religion whose popular face is too often that of scornful, black-hearted suicide bombers, has a long way to go.

WTF has this got to do with Yusuf’s ancient comments about Rushdie? I wonder what Howe’s Muslim friends (lol) think about this?

Cat Stevens could have used his conversion to Islam for so much good, and I suspect he is an ignorant, rather than bad man.

While Howe tries very hard to make some sort of sense in his main article he is let down with his other two columns from the paper where for some reason he tells us that someone suggested that Cat record Sam Cook’s hit Another Saturday Night (because Cat Stevens is the only artist to ever cover someone elses song!) and worse still, he devoted 250 words to telling us that he sent a photo of Salman Rushdie and his son to Yusuf to… I dunno… I guess he just wants to let us know that he is stirring shit. Next he will tell us of how he has sent a photo of Smokin’ Joe Frazier to Muhammad Ali and a Celtics singlet signed by Larry Bird to Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Perhaps the readers of the Herald Sun can help Howe further in his Muslim baiting by making suggestions of what other Muslim celebrities he can harangue, although it would be quite pointless, much like Howe himself.

FINALLY I have become a part of the 21st Century. We now have broadband internet. It only took me five years or begging and nagging. Actually that begging and nagging really had no effect whatsoever on the ‘boss’ (Priscilla) as this was not the reason why she decided to give in to my pleading. She has always been adamant that broadband is just a gimmick that we didn’t really need and that to her, there would be no discernible improvement in our internet service. I could claim all that I wanted that we could browse the web 100 times quicker than our dial-up service and it would be less frustrating, but she would never listen. I could even prove that broadband would not cost a single cent more than dial-up but she was never convinced and thought that broadband was good enough. (Sigh!!!)

So what finally changed her mind if it wasn’t my begging? Well, at the beginning of  April we received a letter from our internet provider, AOL, that they would be leaving Australia on May 30th after so many years of dodgy service. We were given the option of joining iPrimus or having no internet service at all.

I should have known that AOL was leaving Australia. I have complained about their lack of service time and again and it seems that over the years things have become progressively worse. There have always been problems with AOL’s crappy browser, while the service has slowed to a crawl, especially when there is a Windows update being downloaded.

I always found AOL to be frustrating and the one good thing they had going for them, the ability to control spam, has since disappeared. Of course the amount of spam that I receive has exploded in the last two years, ever since I joined up with Facebook. Unfortunately all of this frustration could not convince Priscilla to join the broadband revolution and even after AOL notified us that we had to find another service she was still reluctant to get broadband. I had to plead to her again of all of broadband’s benefits and credentials until she finally said “I don’t care anymore, just do it!”

So hopefully now that we have broadband things will be better because if they are not I can just see Priscilla saying “I told you so!”

At the end of March we received a letter from iPrimus informing us that their internet partner AOL was pulling out of the Australian market and that if we did not find sign up to another internet service provider by May 30th we would be without internet connection. iPrimus told us that if we chose them we would be able to keep our current AOL email addresses, which is an idea that really appealed to me as I don’t fancy having to tell everyone I know a new email address. It also helps that our phone is with iPrimus too.

 On Monday we contacted iPrimus and arranged our new service with them. We have been assured that by the end of the week our new ADSL modem would be sent out and that within another three to five days our new service would be up and running. I figured that this was OK as we would still have our dodgy AOL service until the 30th so we could still send and receive emails and surf the net while the news service was being set up.

 Then on Wednesday AOL disconnected our service. Yep, that’s right; ten days before they were meant to they decided to disconnect us. Worse still, the email addresses that iPrimus assured us we would still have no longer existed. I tried in vain to log into my email address from work but it kept telling me that it had been disconnected. In front of me right now I have the letter from iPrimus that says “You will be able to continue to send and receive emails with your email address…” but in reality this is just another lie from a company that will do and say anything just to keep our business.

 All of this means that we are now without internet for another six to eight days and that I now have to inform everyone of my new iPrimus email address. I guess I will also have to set up a new email address for Priscilla and she will have to inform all of her family and friends of the changes too, although she does have another yahoo email address that she can use. I am glad that AOL has gone, as their service has become progressively worse since 2008. In the last six weeks the service from AOL has been barely usable. I hope that iPrimus offers us a better service although it could barely be worse!

I was reading the Herald Sun today and came across an article that was talking about how many gyms are now playing cover versions of popular songs for their classes because top pop stars are demanding the gyms pay them much more in royalties than they are now. What really took my eye was the list of horrible songs that the gym junkies listen to. PINK, Rogue Traders, Kylie and Kelly Clarkson are among the atrocities that regularly get played during work outs. I may be a fatty but at least I have taste in music. I must assure everyone that as I continue to lose weight (12 kilos in 12 months) that I am doing so by not stepping into a gym, but instead blasting my brain with Black Sabbath and AC/DC as I walk everywhere.

One thing that really confused me with the article was a quote by the Rogue Traders’ James Ash… “Increasingly in today’s gloomy world of shrinking record sales, artists rely on royalties on the performance of their music more than ever…” This makes me wonder how much of Rogue Traders’ royalties for the song Voodoo Child go to Elvis Costello, as this song samples (plagiarise?) the riff to Costello’s hit song Pump It Up. The only thing original with Voodoo Child is the caterwauling of singer Natalie Basingthwaite as she screeches such compelling lyrics as “Baby, baby, baby / you are my voodoo child / my voodoo child”. Even the title isn’t original as any Jimi Hendrix fan would attest.

Sorry for the rant but I really hate “artists” who have hit songs by sampling the work of others. Kanye West has made an entire career from doing this whilst last year Kid Rock set a new low when his song All Summer Long sampled both Warren Zevon’s Werewolves Of London and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama. Inexplicably this travesty hit the number one spot on the Australian music charts. In their glittering career the Rogue Traders have sampled not just Elvis Costello but also the Knack, Tears For Fears and INXS.

I first said this four or so years ago, but could the Australian media PLEASE GET OFF MARK WEBBER’S BACK?!!! I am really fed up with these clowns in the media who constantly criticise Mark Webber because he has not lived up to their expectations. Even after a stunning lights to flag victory in the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona the media still has to try to knock down the tall poppy instead of celebrating his dominant performance.

What shines through every time that morons such as Triple M’s Roy & HG or 3AW’s Dwayne Russell or the Herald Sun’s Daryl Timms criticise Webber is just how ignorant they are about Formula 1. I have watched every single Formula 1 race since the 1985 Australian Grand Prix, but it is obvious that these big-mouthed buffoons only ever watch one race, the Australian Grand Prix, a year. For instance all have made comments about Mark not finishing races, yet ever since he joined Red Bull he has only failed to finish a handfull of times. Last year he had just two DNFs. GUYS, 2006 WAS FOUR YEARS AGO!!!

As I said earlier, the big problem is that Mark never lived up to the knockers expectations. They wanted him to be a Schumacher or Prost yet are so ignorant about Formula 1 that they don’t realise there is no level playing field in the sport and that to win you have to be driving for the one of the best teams, which Mark has only done in the last couple of years. They will point to his stint at Williams as a time when he was in a top team but Williams have become a shell of their former self. When Mark was there Williams went through an acrimonious split with BMW, who were replaced as engine supplier by the horribly unreliable and underfunded Cosworth. Juan Pablo Montoya told Mark that he made a huge mistake going to Williams despite the fact that JPM won the last GP of 2004.

This year Mark is the clear second favourite for the World Drivers Championship. Adrian Newey and Red Bull have built the fastest car on the grid and despite the fact that I have tipped Webber’s team-mate Sebastian Vettel to win the championship, I hope that Mark can do it just to shut all the idiots in the media up.

By the way, with three wins so far Mark has won more Grands Prix than…

  • Chris Amon (0)
  • Jean Alesi (1)
  • Nick Heidfeld (0)
  • Martin Brundle (0)
  • Elio de Angelis (2)
  • Stefan Johansson (0)
  • Patrick Depailler (2)
  • Patrick Tambay (2)
  • Eddie Cheever (0)
  • Derek Warwick (0)
  • Olivier Panis (1)
  • Jarno Trulli (1)
  • Mika Salo (0)
  • Alex Wurtz (0)

He has won the same amount of races as…

  • Didier Pironi
  • Thierry Boutsen
  • Johnny Herbert
  • Giancarlo Fisicella
  • Heinz Harald Frentzen

He is in striking distance of…

  • Keke Rosberg (5)
  • John Watson (5)
  • Michele Alboreto (5)
  • Ricardo Patrese (6)
  • Jacques Laffite (6)
  • Eddie Irvine (4)
  • Ralph Schumacher (6)
  • Juan Pablo Montoya (7)

AC/DC – Highway To Hell

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Just thought I would post AC/DC’s Highway To Hell.

If only music today could be much more like this and less like Justin Bieber. Music today is such shit and generic and derivative and full of autotune. I know that I am starting to sound like an old person who doesn’t understand kids today, yet there is no denying that most music played on FOX FM, Nova, Mix FM and the new songs on Triple M are horrible.