George Pal’s A Date With Duke

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Animation
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Here is one of George Pal’s fantastic Puppetoons from the late 1940s. I have never seen this one before but that is unsurprising since the rights owner Arnold Lebovitz has released so few of these cartoons onto DVD but is very diligent in getting these taken off Youtube within days of them being uploaded. (So I guess that this will be gone before the end of next week!)

Pal is really the father of stop motion animation and even though Willis O’Brien had been animating for almost two decades before Pal left Europe, he is more remembered only for King Kong and little else. Both O’Brien and Ray Harryhausen worked as animators on Pal’s cartoons throughout the 1940s.

George Pal is perhaps remembered mostly for the live action sci-fi films that he produced in the 1950s and 60s, including War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine.

I like A Date With Duke a lot, especially the great music from Duke Ellington.

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