Triple M

Posted: February 28, 2010 in Misc Thoughts

I have been listening to Triple M a little bit over the last couple of weeks and have decided that other than their footy broadcast that will be it. They are just annoying. One minute they will play a great song and then it will be followed up by some riffless dirge that apparently is ‘the new stuff that you must hear!’ (Ummm… no one tells me what I must hear!)

The announcers are really annoying too. The other day the female afternoon announcer (Claire Marshall?) asked a listener if he liked the 90s stuff they were playing and if he liked Ghostwriters. The guy replied yes, except that he hadn’t heard Ghostwriters on the radio for a while because no one plays them anymore. I was yelling at the radio that Perhaps no one plays them anymore because they only ever released one song… which Triple M then proceeded to play. Sigh!!! Of course the Amazing Ewan Giles and Dangerous Dave are as equally annoying too. It’s a long way from the classic Triple M that featured The D-Gen and The Grill Team and even Get This with Tony Martin.


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