Borneo’s Pygmy Elephants

Posted: February 22, 2010 in Misc Thoughts

I just came across a webpage by the WWF. Not the wrestling organisation but the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. (Shouldn’t it be the WWFN?!) I could go on about how I think it was stupid for the World Wildlife Fund to sue the World Wrestling Federation over the usage of the three letters, as who would confuse the two? Ok, the World Wrestling Federation did have a wrestler called Rhino (Rhyno) at the time of the lawsuit which may have confused people…  but I digress… this is not the time to bring up this issue.

Instead I want to look at the efforts of the WWF in tagging Borneo’s rare pygmy elephants. The pygmy elephants which are a distinct species in their own right (they aren’t just small Indian/Asian elephants) are endangered because they are losing their homes and habitat to Malaysia’s increasing palm oil plantations (As is the white rhino).  The WWF are tagging and tracking the animals, as well as assisting the Malaysian, Brunei and Indonesian governments to preserve the Borneo rainforest that the elephants call home.

The Borneo Conservation Trust has also purchased land in Sabah on the elephant’s migratory route. They are working to repair the Sabah ecosystem where so many rare and wonderful species of animals and plants life. The Sabah Tourism Board is also actively working on protecting the elephant’s habitat too.  Hopefully Sabah can end up relying on eco-tourism to boost their economy, rather than palm oil.

Of course we can also do our bit to preserve the habitat of the Borneo elephant by boycotting Borneo palm oil products.


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