Australia Day 2010

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Melbourne
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This Australia Day we ventured to the King’s Domain to have a look at the festivities there. Firstly we went into have a look inside Government House, and then we walked around the gardens looking at the classic cars on display.

I was really surprised at how many American and British cars were on display. There were heaps of big yank tanks such as 50s and 60s Plymouths, Fords, Chryslers and especially Buicks. There were also MGs, Austins, Wolsleys, Singers and other British cars. There were very few Aussie cars which really surprised me. The American Buicks outnumbered the Holdens by 2:1 while there were fewer Falcons than Mustangs. A Rolls Royce

chrysler airflow
There were some European marques in attendance but there were nowhere near the numbers as of the British and American cars. There were some Alfa Romeos there, celebrating the Milanese marques’ 100th birthday. There weren’t that many Alfas though. Perhaps these are the only examples of Alfas that have not rusted.
alfa 1


racing cra

alfa 2



The Alfa Romeo TZ.



There was also a Mercedes 300 SL gullwing, one of the most beautiful cars ever built.


three point star


Here’s a Porsche 356.


Some speedway cars.


The Roulettes performed some acrobatics for the crowd.
Roulettes 1
roulettes 2

roulettes 3

At the Myer Music Bowl there was an Indian concert on. Unfortunately we didn’t see any Bollywood dancing, but instead there was a music group performing.
There were also some colourful Indian rangolis.



rangoli 2

shiva 1

shiva 2

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