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Posted: January 20, 2010 in Misc Thoughts
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Australia has taken a lot of curry from India over the issue of racism lately. It seems that not a day goes by without hearing in the news of an Indian student living in Melbourne being bashed and beaten. Just a couple of weeks ago Nitin Garg was murdered while just last week an Indian taxi driver in Ballarat was beaten and called an Indian c_nt. Some people still deny that there is a racism problem towards Indians in Melbourne, but I have become convinced that there is something not quite right going on and that a solution to this problem needs to be found. Unfortunately most Aussies will put their heads in the sand or even worse, just play childish games by pointing out the well known problems that exist in India. That is what the Herald Sun’s Alan Howe did just this week.

Now listen here India

* Alan Howe
* From: Herald Sun
* January 17, 2010 8:41PM
INDIANS are a riot. Indeed, there are about 60,000 riots reported in India each year.

It boasts it is the world’s largest democracy, but that “democracy” is very much a work in progress, and the progress is slow.

Much of the country still has well-populated pockets of feudal brutality, deadly caste war, and murderous religious conflict.

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Indians still carry out so-called honour killings, an unpleasant business in which concerned male family members, worried about the class, religion, background, or maybe just the look of a girl’s fiance or husband, brutally kill one or both for bringing shame upon them. Apparently no irony is intended.
Along with the popular takeaway chicken tikka masala, honour killings are a notable Indian export.

Just last month a young secretary and mother was found dying in a London street, bashed and with her right hand missing. Her husband and his mate have been charged with her murder.

It’s reported she’d wanted a divorce. I can’t think why.

Geeta Aulakh’s family is from Punjab, India’s most socially and economically advanced state, but life there can be barbaric. It was also home to Nitin Garg, the young graduate murdered here recently.

Were it not such a tragic and serious matter, you could almost have found amusing Indian politicians, and that country’s sub-standard media, lecturing Victoria on our “racist” attitudes.

Among Indian politicians calling for more action to prevent “racist” attacks was External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna, who threatened: “This heinous crime on humanity, this is an uncivilised attack on innocent Indians. It will certainly have some bearing on the bilateral ties between our two countries.”

Another minister rudely dismissed our police chief with an impertinent insult.

He inherited a Victoria Police that has been unnecessarily secretive and defensive for years, ever since Neil Comrie had the top job.
So it was like a breath of fresh air when he loudly went in to bat for his officers, and you and me, telling his Indian critics “there are over 33,000 murders in India every year; 8000 of those are actually brides being killed because the dowry’s not sufficient”.

Like more than a few Australian men, some Indian chaps are hopeless in the kitchen, but they are also more careless; their stoves so often blow up, killing their wives. It is called stove killing or bride burning. What really happens is that the grumpy husband douses his inadequate wife in kerosene and sets her alight, blaming his jerry-built cooker.

I don’t suppose they’re all guilty; I’m sure you’ve been in a few houses yourself when the stove’s blown up.

I’ve had my moments with the missus, but I’ve never looked to the Hotpoint for an answer.

According to the United Nations, more people are murdered in India than in any other country. The figures should shame the Indian Government and its police, but they’d rather demand, as Mr Krishna did when Mr Garg was murdered, that Australia “speedily” catch the killer.

I have some advice for Mr Krishna. In 2007, the last complete year for which figures on Indian murders are available — but you’ll appreciate there’s a lot of adding up to do — 32,318 murders were reported. The conviction rate was 35.5 per cent.

India’s Minister for Police should get on his bike — or bullock cart — and “speedily” chase down those 20,845 scoundrels who escaped conviction.

Punjab’s police chief is P.S. Gill and, like Overland, he is newly appointed. He has his work cut out for him.

According to India’s National Crime Records Bureau, Mr Gill has to deal with perhaps 800 murders a year, and as many kidnappings and abductions among a population only somewhat greater than Australia’s.

His officers are kept busy, sometimes on matters that less commonly clutter the diaries of their Australian counterparts: for instance, about 1000 unidentified bodies turn up each year in Punjab. Bodies, not missing people.

Since Mr Garg was killed, many Indians — not just those indolent thugs burning effigies of Kevin Rudd — have turned on Australia and Australians and lazily and reactively branded us as racist.

The head of the Right-wing Hindu Shiv Sena party, Bal Thackeray, said he would bar Australian cricketers from playing locally. “We will not allow kangaroo cricketers to play in Mumbai … Our boys are being stabbed, burnt and shot at in that country,” he said.

I am unaware any of “his boys” have been “burnt”, but maybe he’s confusing himself with local cases.

There were also calls for a trade embargo, a predictable call to suspend the recruitment of students by Australian universities and, hurtfully, “Bollywood superstar” Amitabh Bachchan’s rejection of an honorary degree from a Brisbane university.

Who? I looked him up on the internet, and just last week he won a local best-actor award. Receiving it, he said: “It feels strange to win a best-actor award. I mean, what exactly am I doing here?”

I have no idea, mate, but keep talking.

Nitin Garg’s death is a tragedy. For him, his family in Punjab, his friends, and for our community.

We don’t know yet who killed him. It probably was an opportunistic robbery gone wrong, but he may have been killed by someone out to harm an Indian. He may have even been killed by an Indian. They have form, home and away.

So let’s solve the crime and get the facts. Let’s not jump to any conclusions.

Well, maybe one: Australia is a safer and more tolerant country than India will ever be.

I am sure there are better ways of proving that Australia is not a racist country than by writing the most racist diatribe possible. We like to see Australia as being the best country in the world and as such we should not give a damn about what is happening in India but instead of trying to fix our own problems first. Howe just proves his ignorance with crap like this and instead of helping ease the tensions between India and Australia he is just fanning the flames even further. Howe just has a stupid habit of trying to prove that white people are superior to everyone else and it is just embarrassing and extremely racist. I am sick of horribly patronising articles like this and wonder how exactly Howe got his job.

  1. Danuta says:

    he’s just a sick f**k… A generalising, controversial-just-for-the-sake-of-it, so-called Journalist. no foundation for his facts… he just picks and chooses certain events to justify his ridiculous arguments… must not have been good at writing essays at uni this bloke…. you wonder how he’s landed his job…

    let’s just make some unfounded assumptions about him… his boss’s ass must be covered with lip marks… how else does such a bad writer get a job?

  2. Leoni says:

    Ugh, tell me about it. I just read another one of his highly racist and bigotry articles today 22nd of March on how we should all fear the Muslims in our country as they are surely planning to kill us all. He basically says every major migrant group has brought crime, murder and fear to pure innocent Australia. From Italians and their mafia to Asians and their gangs. This man makes me so angry! Why doesn’t anyone do anything and stop his propaganda?

  3. Millsie says:

    I read that article and I just do not understand how the guy can still have a job. Perhaps his only goal with his article is to stir up shit.

    Also I see that he has taken credit for creating the Immigration Museum.

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