What is wrong with you?

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Melbourne, Misc Thoughts

I really have to question the intelligence of today’s young people. While I once swore that I would never become an old, judgemental fart decrying youth as being stupid, I feel that I no longer have a choice because I cannot understand why anyone would get into a car and drive at 70 kms over the speed limit, especially someone who has just lost five friends in a car accident because they were excessively speeding. Perhaps it shows the lack of intelligence of Gen’ Yers when there have been two friends of the five dead men who have been caught speeding in the 48 hours since the horrific accident. Are they so stupid that they don’t even learn when it’s their own mates who have died?

To be honest I am getting sick of hearing about the brainless antics of 18-30 year old men. It seems not a day goes by when I hear of these morons hitting the roads while drunk or driving at incredibly stupid speeds. It seems to have become something that has become increasingly more frequent as stories like this now make the news every day. Perhaps it is because Gen’ Y’s have grown up without any discipline or consequences for their actions that they takes such excessively dumb risks? Maybe it is because they receive praise for every little thing that they do that they have such over-confidence in their own abilities? I suppose for that reason it is their parents, Gen’ X’ers, who should take the blame for turning out a generation of idiots.


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