Short memory, must have a…

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Melbourne, Misc Thoughts
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The hypocritical selective memories of some people are astounding. I am of course talking about the Herald Sun readers, who are obviously Liberal voters, who have taken the time to write into the H/S to attack the state Labor government over the bungled Myki public transport ticketing system that has just been introduced. Now I don’t want to defend transport minister Lynne Kosky, as she has done a horrible job of this, but the reality is that it has been a very long time since we have had a competent transport minister.

Most of the H/S readers have wrongly stated that it is Labor governments that continually stuff up public transport. The truth of the matter is that both Labor and Liberal governments have had appalling records at running the public transport system. Whilst the current Labor government is responsible for Myki and allowing the transport system to become run down, we should remember that the previous Kennett Liberal government was responsible for introducing the current automated ticketing system back in 1996/97, and that it wasn’t until some years after the Bracks’ Labor government took over that this system became somewhat reliable. It was also Mr Kennett who sold off the public transport system to private operators like Connex and Yarra Trams, although it’s the successive Bracks and Brumby Labor governments have not really held the private operators accountable. (Still, Connex had an appalling record when they were running transport in Europe, which everyone knew before Kennett awarded them the contract to run Melbourne’s trains.)

The problem is that, as I have stated previously, I don’t understand why no-one has decided to bring back tram conductors and ticket sellers on trams and trains. They are more reliable than the machines that have replaced them and can do much more than them too.


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