I’m sure that back in the 80s kids thought Hogan was being sincere when he talked about his Powerful Protein Shake and the Powerful Python Pack vitamins but knowing what we know about Hogan now, this is just funny. I think this is from Tuesday Night Titans.

Also I must say how much I miss Lord Alfred Hayes. Sure he was the butt of everyone’s jokes and he was a terrible announcer, and most of the comedy skits he was in were cringingly awful, but I miss him all the same. Here Hogan calls him Awful Alfred, which I guess is the persona that Hayes used in the AWA when he was one of the top heel managers. Apparently he was as a good as a heel manager as he was as terrible an announcer. Most people I guess just remember him as the Coliseum Video guy.

  1. Lord Alred Hayes was hilarious though!

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