freddoI was just browsing the internets when I discovered an article from the Age on Freddo Frog, who is not just a delicious chocolate amphibian but was the star of Australia’s first animated television series. The series aired in the early 60s and was featured on the Tarax show on channel 9.

Other than the aforementioned article I have never read anything else about this cartoon series. I would love to view an episode or see some model sheets or sketches. Does any of the animation art from this series remain? Perhaps someone from Cadbury or GTV 9 or the animation studio who produced the series could shed some light on this. This is something that should be preserved as it is almost as ground breaking for Australian animation as Eric Porter’s Aeroplane Jelly commercials.

  1. […] in Advertising, Australian Animation by Millsie on June 19, 2010 A while ago I wrote about the Freddo The Frog cartoon that was shown on the old Tarax Show in the early 60s and how this was our first ever made for TV […]

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