Posted: September 17, 2009 in Media Watch

I have a backlog of posts that I must get through. I haven’t made a post for 9-10 days, and I have a few things that I wanted to talk about.

Whatthefuckiswrongwithyou Kyle Sandilands? Are you such a buffoon that you don’t know when you should shut your mouth? I really refuse to believe that you don’t know what you say is offensive and that everything that you say is calculated to enhance your ‘bad boy’ image. In wrestling parlance it is called playing the heel. Maybe I’m just cynical and think that you subscribe to the ‘any publicity is good publicity’ credo to enhance your ‘controversial’ reputation, but you just end up looking like nothing but a clown.

Here are just a few of your indiscretions Kyle, which I think only enhances my point of view…

–          As a judge on Australian Idol you said that Bobby Flynn looked ‘fully mong’. ‘Mong’ is slang for the term ‘mongoloid’ which is a very derogatory term for someone with Downs Syndrome. You cannot honestly think that nobody would be offended by this?!

–          You intimated that both Jessica Mauboy and Kate DeAraugo were fat whilst a judge on Idol. Classy!!!

–          You taunted a Cambodian refugee on air, as well as her 19 year old niece. Classy X2!!!

–          You took offence when Dave Hughes called you a ‘dickhead’. Obviously the truth hurts, but it is slightly juvenile to threaten to ‘punch someone in the throat’ over this.

–          You conducted the lie detector stunt with a 14 year old girl in which she said that she was raped at 12. Sure the Mum who subjected her daughter to this just to get Pink tickets was despicable, but your follow up, “Was this the only time you ever had sex…” was just stupid.

–          The final straw would have to be when you criticized Magda Szubanski’s latest efforts to lose weight (you really have a problem with overweight women yet you are so fat yourself) by saying that she would do better if she was in a concentration camp. Yep, this is a new low even for you to trivialise the holocaust. The fact that Magda’s father was Polish and fought the Nazi’s in WWII makes this an even lower act and suggests to me that it was calculated.

Kyle, you try so hard to be Australia’s answer to Howard Stern yet you do not have even a 10th of his talent or discipline. Stern has a team of writers and lawyers to make sure that he does not say anything that can be construed as too offensive or libellous, yet I notice that 2DayFM has only just put your show on 7 second delay so that they can censor anything offensive before it gets to air.

Of course we know that you have had such a hard life Kyle. Your parents divorced when you were young and you grew up in Brisbane and blah, blah, blah… To quote John Butler…

I really got a good excuse to complain
My parents got divorced
Can’t heal the pain


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