What I have been listening to this week!

Posted: September 7, 2009 in Music, What I’m Listening To

I haven’t done this for a while but here are the 15 or so songs that I have been listening to most on my iPod. While I don’t claim that the songs that I listen to are the greatest ever made, they are sure a darn lot better than anything that is played on commercial FM radio here in Melbourne, especially Fox FM and NOVA.

 You’ll probably recognise the names of most of these groups but perhaps not the songs listed.

  1. Give The People What They Want – The Kinks
  2. Happy – The Rolling Stones
  3. Dolly Dagger – Jimi Hendrix
  4. Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix
  5. Comin’ Home – Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
  6. Piece Of Crap – Neil Young
  7. Three Button Hand Me Down – The Faces
  8. Redemption Song – Bob Marley
  9. Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – The Temptations
  10. Hush – Deep Purple
  11. Motherless Children – Eric Clapton
  12. Love The One You’re With – Stephen Stills
  13. The Seeker – The Who
  14. Long Live Rock – The Who
  15. Hurt – Johnny Cash

 I know that most of these songs are ancient and most people will think I’m an old fart for listening to them, but remember that I grew up in the 80s, a time when most music was horrible. A bit like today, really, where awful crap by totally derivative singers as Lady Ga-Ga can reach the top of the charts. The only thing original about Lady Ga-Ga is that she started a rumour about her having a penis, I don’t think that Madonna ever did that!

 Speaking of music, the other day I was watching MAX on Foxtel when they played Janis Joplin’s Mercedes Benz. This originally was a song that Janis sang acapalla to show the strength of her incredible voice. Unfortunately some producer or DJ has discovered this song and decided to remix it with synthesizers and drum machine beats, ala Elvis’s A Little Less Conversation a few years ago. Yes, it is as horrible as it sounds and poor Janis must be turning over in her grave at the way her song has been ruined. Then again last year some talentless DJ thought they’d be creative by merging The Doors’ Riders On The Storm with Blondie’s Rapture. Arrrrggghhhh!


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