Not The Noel Coward Song

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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I watched bits and pieces Sunrise of Sunrise this morning. I know that this is a shameful admission, but to my credit I didn’t turn the TV on and just managed to catch one segment only. The segment that I did catch made my blood boil as there was some Professor who was advocating that all baby boys be circumcised. This guy was saying that uncircumcised men are more susceptible to STDs such as HIV and AIDS and penile cancer, and that boys are more susceptible to getting infections in their penises. Is this true? Have there ever been any studies on this? Could the reason why more uncircumcised men show up in the statistics as catching STDs be because 80% of men are uncircumcised? Could the reason why this dude was advocating that there be compulsory circumcision be because he himself has been circumcised? Do we advocate all girls having mastectomies once they reach puberty so that they can avoid breast cancer? Should this be a parent’s choice?

  1. GoogleGuy says:

    Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

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