Ric Flair Shoot Interview

Posted: August 22, 2009 in Sports Entertainment
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I post these clips with a brief word of warning. Firstly I admit that I am a Ric Flair fan and think that he was one of the top five wrestlers that I have seen… but he has become a bitter old fart in recent times. Not only that but I think that he has become a bit pathetic and that now that he’s over 60 years of age he should retire from the ring.

Still, I didn’t expect that there would be more wrestling fans willing to defend Hulk Hogan than Mick Foley. Some Youtube comments even went as far as to say that Hogan was the greatest wrestler ever, which is rubbish, since all he could do was kick, punch, big boot, leg drop of doom, 1, 2, 3… Hogan only really got to the top because of his charisma and looks and stayed on top because he made money and then played politics. Maybe those Hulk Hogan vitamins that all the Hulkamaniacs have been taking are a little stronger than I thought!

I would have thought that there’d be more defence of Mick since he’s a nice guy and got to the top through lots of hard work and determination against the odds and prejudices of guys like Ric Flair.

As for the comments he makes about Bret Hart, technically he is right and wrong about Hart being a draw. When Hart was champion in the WWF he was not a huge draw in the US, but that could be more due to the way he was booked by the WWF than to anything Bret was doing. You can also say that Bret was a bigger name than Flair outside of America, not just in Canada but the UK and Australia too. (But this was probably due to us Aussies only having access to the WWF and not the NWA/WCW!)

I think that part of Flair’s problem is that he is a complete suck up, especially to his best friends HHH and HBK, as well as Vince, but that is probably a story for another time.

  1. Millsie says:

    These videos have been pulled for violation of terms.

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