Sigh Again!

Posted: August 13, 2009 in Pay Office Blues

I rang the pay office this morning to see what had happened to my pay. The person that I spoke to admitted that they had made a mistake and not paid me for the 20 hours of jury duty that I completed. She said that she had some trouble when she was putting my pay through and just made a mistake. AGAIN!!!

As for the cheque from the juries’ commission, the pay office has received it!!! Yah!!! I asked about the days which I attended court but where my rostered days off which the juries’ commission has paid them for, to which she replied she could only pay me for the days when I was supposed to be working. OK, I do understand that, but the juries’ commission has paid my work for the days that I did not have to be at work, which means that they are making a profit of sorts out of me having to be a juror. Also, what would happen if on those days that I am rostered off from work that I worked somewhere else? I would be expected to give them part of the money paid by the juries’ commission, wouldn’t I? This just seems to me to be very greedy or very incompetent!


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