Posted: August 12, 2009 in Jury Duty, Pay Office Blues

You are not meant to be financially burdened when you attend jury duty. Even though you are not attending work you should not be financially penalized because in reality you have no say in the matter. I had to attend jury duty because if I did not I could face a $3000 fine and 3 months imprisonment. Also as I was empanelled to be on the jury in a very important trial, if I did not turn up there would have been a mistrial.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because it looks like my work are trying to swindle me! I have not been paid for the final three days of my jury duty, which is around $400. Not only that, but they have not paid me the money from the juries’ commission for the days that I attended the trial that were my roistered days off.  This is an additional $180.

Whilst I am sure that this is probably one of the all too common mistakes that constantly get made by the pay office at work, it is annoying. Now I have to ring them up and get them to fix things up. Hopefully they won’t mess me around any further and will just pay me the outstanding amount. This really pisses me off because it now wastes my time and as I said previously and have previously posted, the pay office make constant mistakes and it’s not acceptable!


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