The Shockmaster

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Sports Entertainment
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Ever since I first discovered the Wrestlecrap website in 2000 it has been one of the few sites that I regularly visit on the web. I have been a wretling fan on and off since Wrestlemania I, although there was a period from about 1990, when Channel 10 stopped showing the WWF, until 1995, when Foxtel started showing WCW and later WWF, when there was no wrestling at all aired on Australian TV. I did keep up to date, sort of, with the Coliseum Video releases from the WWF that I used to borrow. Channel 9 would sometimes show the odd bout from the WWF, WCW and AWF on the Wide World of Sport, but they usually showed rubbish such as the Undertaker Vs Undertaker match or the one with Doink the Clown and all the midget clowns. These years weren’t really that great from a wrestling point of view, and seem to be where most of the material for Wrestlecrap comes from (As can be seen with what WWoS were showing!).

 Of all the horrible stuff that I’d read about the one that I was most curious to see was the debut of the Shockmaster, which is perhaps the worst thing to have aired on WCW, which is saying something.

The WWE should release a DVD devoted to Wrestlecrap. I’m sure that it would be popular, although I think that the Shockmaster will appear on the forthcoming Rise And Fall Of WCW DVD.

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