Doink The Clown

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Sports Entertainment
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I always liked the Doink the Clown gimmick as played by Matt Borne back in the early 1990s. I always thought that the evil clown gimmick was a good one because in reality all clowns are evil and most people are afraid of clowns. Also Borne was pretty good with the mic and in the ring that it was a real shame that the gimmick was not as successful as it should have been.

Of course the gimmick was killed by a couple of factors. Doink proved so popular that he was turned face which ruined the gimmick and made him a purely children’s character. Unfortunately this happened before Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared in the WWF as a cool anti-hero who was cheered for doing heelish things. Apparently heel Doink was Heath Ledger’s inspiration for his portrayal as the Joker in the Dark Knight.

The other problem with Doink is that Borne ended up having personal issues and had to leave the WWF. Other less talented wrestlers (Steve Lombardi and then Ray Apollo) took over the gimmick but they could not match the original Doink.  (Please note what a horrible announcer that Vince is!)

As I have said previously, Macho Man was my favourite wrestler as a kid. While my friends were all into Hulk Hogan I was more into Randy Savage perhaps because he could actually wrestle a decent match. (Unlike the totally predictable Hogan)

Please note that Johhny Polo aka Raven is on commentary here.


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