Continental Divide

Posted: August 5, 2009 in Movie Review
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The other day I was watching a DVD of the John Belushi movie Continental Divide. This film comes as a part of Universal’s John Belushi Icon 3 DVD set that also features The Blues Brothers and National Lampoon’s Animal House. Unlike those two films you probably haven’t heard of Continental Divide and with good reason. It is not the best thing that Belushi ever made and is the type of romantic comedy that Channel 7 likes to show during the week at lunchtime for housewives to watch. I am not saying it was a bad film, as I found a few things interesting, but it was not very good. It just seemed to take forever to finish and Belushi seems to have been unsuited as a romantic lead. Also there were at least a couple of instances of attempted rape/sexual harassment that may have seemed innocent enough in 1980 but almost thirty years later is frowned upon.

The plot as it is has Belushi as Ernie an ace newspaper reporter who ends up getting beaten up after an expose. His boss suggests he rests for a while and does a human interest story on Dr Nell Porter, who lives in the Rocky Mountains studying bald eagles. Ernie reluctantly agrees to go to the Rockies where after a while he falls in love with Nell. There is perhaps other stuff that happens but I really didn’t take that much notice. I think after Ernie leaves Nell and the Rockies, just after they have both decided that they are mutually attracted to each other, the film goes downhill. Some other stuff happens and Nell and Ernie end up together… The End.

Out of the three movies that came in the DVD set this is the one that I will never watch again. Not the greatest point in Belushi’s career.


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