Great Move Big W QV

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Shopping, Sports Entertainment
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There is a big DVD sale at Big W this week. It started last Thursday and finishes tomorrow. I love buying DVDs and had picked out a few WWE wrestling DVDs that I wanted to pick up that are really cheap at the moment. The Big W at QV used to have a lot of the WWE DVDs but they have slowly disappeared since the store was refurbished last month. There are just a couple of wrestling DVDs left and they did not get any in especially for the sale. Also, for last DVD sale a month or two ago they only got a limited amount of WWE DVDs and I had to clothes line another customer just to get the only copy of the Stone Cold Steve Austin 3 Disc DVD set. As Gorilla Monsoon would have put it, pandemonium usually breaks loose at the QV store when the WWE DVDs are put on sale and this is usually when I buy my wrestling DVDs.

I also have to applaud whoever is the DVD buyer for Big W at QV for having the guts to get all of those rugby league DVDs that aren’t exactly running off the shelves. It seems that all the WWE DVDs are being replaced by NRL and Sydney Footy Show DVDs that are now clogging up the shelves because no one in Melbourne is interested in rugby league.

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