It’s my money Ralph!!!

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Banking, Misc Thoughts
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What is wrong with the National Australia Bank? I deposited $110 into my MECU account using the NAB facilities at the branch on the corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets Melbourne on Thursday morning, and the money has still not made its way into my account. It is only meant to take 24 hours for the money to reach my account, not four days. Even if we take into account the weekend, this still means that it has taken over two business days for the money to reach my account, which is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!!

The sad thing is that this is not the first time that I have had trouble with the NAB. Almost thirteen months ago I had the same problem with the NAB where I deposited $50 into my account and it took eight days for it to finally turn up into my account. I think that the problem is that I actually went into the branch to make my deposit and did not do it over the internet. NAB are obviously doing everything in their power to stop people from going into a branch to make any transactions, usually by slugging the customer with fees, so perhaps this slowness is just an extension of that. It is disgusting and slack but unfortunately that is just the exact type of service that we expect from our greedy banks. Customer service, which used to be of paramount importance to them, now means nothing. As long as they keep making their record profits and keep share holders happy who really cares about the poor old customer. I suppose that I count even less than regular NAB customers because I am a Credit Union account holder using their facilities. They obviously don’t care about the inconvenience they have caused me.


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