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Posted: July 26, 2009 in Australian TV, Media Watch

Channel 9’s digital channel Go will be screening Survivor when it debuts at the end of next month. What I would like to know is which season of Survivor will Go be screening, as we are currently two seasons behind, with a new US season due to begin in September. Will Go skip Survivor Gabon and Survivor Tocantins that we have missed and go straight to screening Survivor Samoa hot off the satellite? Probably not! Perhaps we will not see this series for another two years? Does 9 really care whether we are two or three seasons behind the US? I really don’t understand why they have screwed us Survivor fans around so much. Perhaps 9 will say that Survivor doesn’t rate but perhaps it would if they put it on at a regular timeslot, did not change the screening time without warning viewers and showed episodes that weren’t over a year old. That is just my opinion!!!
I can lay similar criticism at Channel 7 with their lack of faith in The Amazing Race. Currently 7 are showing season 14 on our TV screens which has already completed screening in the US. There is also a series (the one screened in the US prior to All Stars) which has not be shown here.
I watched a bit of Channel 7’s new show TV Burp the other day. This would have to rate as the most pathetic excuse of a show so far this year. From what I saw it is similar to Arena’s The Soup (formerly known as Talk Soup), with the host making some comments about a TV clip that was shown during the week. The only problem is that TV Burp’s host (Ed Kavalee) does not make any witty or even sarcastic comments about the clips, he just states the bleeding obvious, telling us exactly what we are shown. I take it his comments are meant to be witty, just like the comments made by the chick on Funniest Home Videos are meant to be witty but are actually extremely lame and cringe worthy. It’s really a shame that Ed is not given more to work with in the way of script as I thought he was quite good on the radio on Triple M’s Get This with Tony Martin.

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