Felipe Massa Injured During Qualifying For Hungarian GP

Posted: July 25, 2009 in Formula 1, Motorsport, Sport
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News has just filtered in that Felipe Massa has been injured at the Hungarian Grand Prix. There is no official word on his health, only that he has been taken to hospital in an ambulance. The bizarre accident occured during the clsoing seconds of the second qualifying session, when it looked as though the Brazilian was hit on the head by debris, possibly a piece of rear suspension from Rubens Barrichello’s damaged Brawn, before going straight off the circuit and head-on into the barriers. Massa’s car did not slow down and he did not try to turn the steering wheel to take evasive action, which has lead some people to speculate that Felipe was knocked unconcious by the debris prior to the accident. Felipe has been taken to hospital by helicopter but is said to be Okay after being knocked unconscious as it is reported that Rubens Barrichello has spoken to his fellow country-man. Hopefully Felipe will by alright and able to compete in tomorrow’s race. If he does start he will take up tenth place on the starting grid.


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