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Posted: July 20, 2009 in Blogging About Blogging, Movie Review

I have got to do a few more film reviews. Even though the reviews that I have written aren’t all that good I like to write them. Not only that but the more that I do the better that I will inevitably get at it, plus it gives me an excuse to put a DVD into the player.

I believe that we are going to go and watch Harry Potter in the next week or two. I am very busy with something at the moment but we do have Gold Class tickets that we were given for Christmas that we still need to use. It’s just that there have been very few decent movies out recently and even fewer good ones showing at the Gold Class cinemas. If we do not use them for Harry Potter we will probably see Up! when it finally is screened in Australia in September.

I have a few DVDs that I want to review. These are DVDs that I have bought over the years of movies that I really recommend. A lot of the movies are old or nostalgic but that does not mean that they are bad in any way. I find that it is getting harder and harder to find older movies on DVD as the big stores often stock multiple copies of the latest crap but very few copies of classics. Unless you have Foxtel and have access to Fox Classics or TCM you are also very unlikely to see these films as they are rarely played on free to air TV, with the exception of those films on ABC1 at 2am. It’s amazing how it is so easy to find crap by Adam Sandler or John Claude van Damme but hard to find the works of Alfred Hitchcock or Orson Welles.

Here is a list of movies that I plan on reviewing.

–          The Third Man

–          A Touch Of Evil

–          Blackmail

–          Psycho

–          The Birds

–          Rope

–          Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

–          Battleground

–          At The Circus (I originally planned to do this months ago)

–          The Greatest Show On Earth

–          Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein

–          The Great Dictator

–          Jason And The Argonauts

–          The Party

–          Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

There will be several others IF I ever get around to doing them. I have been a little lazy about doing these lately so I should get off my butt and do them.

Also, this is just as a note to myself but when visiting JB Hifi in the city and Borders, I noticed that season 1 of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Kolchak: The Nightstalker have finally arrived in Australia. I think both sets were priced at around $40 – $50. I plan to eventually buy these sets or if any of my friends or relatives are reading this, they would make great Christmas presents. (Just let me know that you have bought them for me so I know!)


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