Today Tonight Talks Shit Again!

Posted: July 14, 2009 in Media Watch
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Sorry to be crude but Today Tonight once again spoke from their arses when they aired a story today on how it is better to buy cheap clothing from Kmart or Big W than to buy expensive brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren. As someone who has worn both Ralph Lauren and Big W products I can attest that this is pure bullshit.

 In the story Today Tonight compared a polo St Mark’s shirt from Big W with a Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirt. According to the reporter the Ralph Lauren shirt faded after a few washes while the $6 el cheapo from Big W did not. In reality I have several quality products from Polo that I bought a few years ago (when I could afford them) that still look great today. In comparison I have a recently bought Big W shirt where the stitching has started to come apart and which just does not look as good.

  1. Joselyn says:

    Millsie i could not agree with you more!!!!! it is these particular ‘CHRISTIANS’ that are stil living in a very black and white world, where they have no social ability nor do they have any tolerable communication skills! What MArk Bensley was admitting to on national television was clearly ABUSE therefore i would assume all those who work at the BUNDABERG CHRISTIAN COLLEGE and condone this sort of vulgar caveman behaviour, quite easily fit the label of ABUSERS!! The school may choose to hide behind their bible, but this is no way means they are ‘good hearted christians’ as many like to call themselves. To be a decent human being-you dont need to be covened by a religion, You just need to have humble morals and do the very best you can and no one….i repeat no ones very best is as low as committing an act of violence! WAKT UP BUNDABERG CHRISTIAN COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!

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