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Not sure why I am posting all these trailers or why they all seem to have something to do with the law, but here’s another one. Like 12 Angry Men this is one of the greatest films of all time. Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch is one of the greatest heroes of the silver screen.

The film also features Robert Duvall as the reclusive Boo Radley.

F1 Stuff

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Sunday’s Hungarian GP was an interesting race… well more interesting than most Hungarian Grands Prix have been in the past anyway. Lewis Hamilton scored McLaren’s first victory since 2008 which was a major surprise considering it was just two races ago when Lewis was struggling around at the back of the field. This is a major form reversal and I wonder if this was due to the uniqueness of the Hungaroring rather than any recent improvements made in Woking. Ferrari too had a return to form in the race with Kimi Raikkonen taking second place. Once again I wonder if this improvement is due to the Hungarian track rather than anything Ferrari has done in the last month.

Mark Webber finished third and is now 18.5 points behind Jenson Button’s Brawn Mercedes. The Red Bulls have definitely been the form team in the second half of 2009, while I always thought that Brawn would eventually be caught by the other teams. The Brawns were the most developed cars when teams first gridded up at Albert Park in March, thanks to the fact that they started on their car much earlier than the other teams due to the fact that Honda was so horrible in 2008. Red Bull were the only team close to the Brawns pace and have now surpassed them due to improvements made, while it seems that McLaren and Ferrari could be catching them.

Having mentioned Honda and how Brawn have risen from the ashes of that team, I must now make mention of the sad news that BMW Sauber have announced that they will quit Formula 1 at the end of 2009. This year has been terrible for the Swiss based German team and one would be hard pressed to even guess that they placed third in the 2008 Constructors Championship with their lack of pace this year. Both Kubica and Heidfeld have really struggled and the team has often employed odd fuel strategies for their drivers to try to fluke some points.

I wonder which will be the next manufacturer to exit F1. Renault have had an awful season, despite Alonso’s low fuel pole position in Hungary, and they will endure more pain now that they have been banned from the European GP in Fernando’s backyard, Valencia, thank to his front wheel not being secured properly at the pitstop and then coming off. Renault’s position in F1 has looked quite shaky for a while now and this won’t have improved things much.

Toyota is another team who may leave F1 sooner rather than later. They were full of promise at the start of the season but have fallen into a hole since their pole position in Bahrain. Toyota has said that 2009 was a make or break season and apparently came close to pulling the pin on F1 in 2008.

With Heidfeld and Kubica being on the drivers’ market for 2010 it is interesting to see how the line ups will change next year. It will also be interesting if the FIA will accept another new team (Lola) to fill the void created by BMW’s departure. Here are my predictions. I will review these in a couple of months to see how close I am.

Predicted Teams/Driver Line Ups in F1 for 2010

Brawn GP

  • Jenson Button
  • Nick Heidfeld

Red Bull Racing

  • Sebastian Vettel
  • Mark Webber

McLaren Mercedes

  • Lewis Hamilton
  • Nico Rosberg


  • Kimi Raikkonen
  • Felipe Massa *


  • Nico Hulkenburg
  • Kazuki Nakajima


  • Jarno Trulli
  • Timo Glock


  • Fernando Alonso
  • Robert Kubica

Toro Rosso

  • Sebastian Buemi
  • Heikki Kovalainen


  • Sebastian Bourdais
  • Nelson Piquet Jr

Campos GP

  • Antonio Luizzi

Manor GP

  • Christian Klein

* Depends on whether Massa is able to race in 2010. It also depends on both Renault and Toyota remaining in F1 in 2010. Campos and Manor will both have pay drivers as their second drivers.

Lay-By At Big W

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There was an interesting story on A Current Affair about Lay-By. It featured the national manager of Big W telling viewers about the benefits of lay-bying goods. However, I wish someone would tell her that the Big W store at QV in Melbourne has just in the last two month discontinued their lay-by service. Oh, the irony! So why does the national Big W manager think lay-by is such a good service and the QV manager does not? Then again the QV manager thought that the revolving entry door was a good idea too!

TV Stuff

Posted: July 26, 2009 in Australian TV, Media Watch

Channel 9’s digital channel Go will be screening Survivor when it debuts at the end of next month. What I would like to know is which season of Survivor will Go be screening, as we are currently two seasons behind, with a new US season due to begin in September. Will Go skip Survivor Gabon and Survivor Tocantins that we have missed and go straight to screening Survivor Samoa hot off the satellite? Probably not! Perhaps we will not see this series for another two years? Does 9 really care whether we are two or three seasons behind the US? I really don’t understand why they have screwed us Survivor fans around so much. Perhaps 9 will say that Survivor doesn’t rate but perhaps it would if they put it on at a regular timeslot, did not change the screening time without warning viewers and showed episodes that weren’t over a year old. That is just my opinion!!!
I can lay similar criticism at Channel 7 with their lack of faith in The Amazing Race. Currently 7 are showing season 14 on our TV screens which has already completed screening in the US. There is also a series (the one screened in the US prior to All Stars) which has not be shown here.
I watched a bit of Channel 7’s new show TV Burp the other day. This would have to rate as the most pathetic excuse of a show so far this year. From what I saw it is similar to Arena’s The Soup (formerly known as Talk Soup), with the host making some comments about a TV clip that was shown during the week. The only problem is that TV Burp’s host (Ed Kavalee) does not make any witty or even sarcastic comments about the clips, he just states the bleeding obvious, telling us exactly what we are shown. I take it his comments are meant to be witty, just like the comments made by the chick on Funniest Home Videos are meant to be witty but are actually extremely lame and cringe worthy. It’s really a shame that Ed is not given more to work with in the way of script as I thought he was quite good on the radio on Triple M’s Get This with Tony Martin.

It has finally been confirmed that Fernando Alonso has taken pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix. After a long, frustrating time waiting to get confirmation of grid position, it has been confirmed that the Spaniard has taken his first pole for almost three years.

1 – Fernando Alonso – Renault

2 – Sebastian Vettel – Red Bull

3 – Mark Webber – Red Bull

4 – Lewis Hamilton – McLaren

5 – Nico Rosberg – Williams

6 – Heikki Kovalainen – McLaren

7 – Kimi Raikkonen – Ferrari

8 – Jenson Button – Brawn

9 – Kazuki Nakajima – Williams

10 – Felipe Massa – Ferrari

On a day that was overshadowed by Felipe Massa’s horrible accident, Spain’s Fernando Alonso has taken pole position in one of the weirdest ever qualifying sessions. Unfortunately for F1 fans around the world the final minute of qualifying was marred by the failure of the timing screens, and all grid position are as of this time unconfirmed. It seems that Alonso has taken pole position from Vettel, with Webber in third.

News has just filtered in that Felipe Massa has been injured at the Hungarian Grand Prix. There is no official word on his health, only that he has been taken to hospital in an ambulance. The bizarre accident occured during the clsoing seconds of the second qualifying session, when it looked as though the Brazilian was hit on the head by debris, possibly a piece of rear suspension from Rubens Barrichello’s damaged Brawn, before going straight off the circuit and head-on into the barriers. Massa’s car did not slow down and he did not try to turn the steering wheel to take evasive action, which has lead some people to speculate that Felipe was knocked unconcious by the debris prior to the accident. Felipe has been taken to hospital by helicopter but is said to be Okay after being knocked unconscious as it is reported that Rubens Barrichello has spoken to his fellow country-man. Hopefully Felipe will by alright and able to compete in tomorrow’s race. If he does start he will take up tenth place on the starting grid.

Everyone knows that Alfred Hitchcock was famous for directing thrillers but he did direct a few films that were not a part of this genre. Under Capricorn is set in Australia in the 1830s and is a love story. Unfortunately the film was not a succes for a couple of reason. Firstly it was not a thriller and secondly the films’s star Ingrid Bergman was having an affair with Roberto Rossellini. (Film fans did not like the scandal!)


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I feel very mentally exhausted tonight. Not sure if this is because of what I have been doing this last week and a bit, or because my body clock is still out of whack, as I am used to working odd hours and shift work and not 9-5 like I have been doing. I think it has been a combination of things as well as the fact that I really want things to go back to the way they were. I’ve probably only got a week at most until things return to normality but until then I will have many things on my mind, very few of which that I can mention here. Oh how I can’t wait until confidentiality agreements don’t apply!


Here is the trailer to The Wrong Man, which was directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1957. It features one of my favourite actors in Henry Fonda and is based on a true story.