Pissed Off

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Stuff

I am quite pissed off at the moment. The other day I spent an hour writing up a whole lot of notes for a staff meeting that I couldn’t attend and left a note in the diary that these notes were left in my tray to be read out in my absence. When I arrived at work the next day I saw that the notes were still in my tray and from reading the minutes of the staff meeting I could also see that my notes had not been read out. This is very annoying. I hate that I went to all of this effort only to be ignored. I had written out some very important information but obviously it was not important enough. There really was no excuse for this as I clearly and very legibly wrote that I had especially written these notes to be read out and I don’t think that it’s too much to expect them to be read out. Obviously my supervisor doesn’t bother to read the diary or if he does he only reads the endlessly mundane notes that he himself writes.

 Another thing pissed me off while I was reading the minutes. There was a comment under my successes that I was “Following up on things and not leaving them for other staff to do.” Um… OK… do I do that? I don’t think so! This was only written because I finally got around to doing something that I was asked to do a few weeks earlier, but that I never had the opportunity to follow up on because I was never stationed in the section where this task was meant to be performed. It is a bit difficult for me to do something in an area where I am not actually working. But of course this fact is conveniently ignored, as usual. Also ignored is the fact that I work in this area on the busiest days, in which there is little or no time to do those little extra things as you only get enough time to complete the set tasks for the night. These are the same two nights in which the supervisor no longer works because they are so hectic. Then again he hardly works much anyway, as he gives himself lots of long breaks in between shifts, while I have to do a seven day stretch without a full day break. The longest that I ever get off is two days in a row, whereas just last week he had six days in a row off. I have been complaining about my roster for over 18 months and I keep getting told that things will change soon, but they never do. Of course it’s hard for my roster to change at all if he keeps all the best shifts for himself and gives himself such long breaks. Perhaps I’m just a sucker?


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