Tennessee Tuxedo – Telephone Terrors

Posted: June 23, 2009 in Animation, Total Tele Vision, TV

Tennessee Tuxedo is one of those characters that is now long forgotten. A Product of Total Tele Vision from the early 60s, it featured the great Don Adams as the voice of Tennesse Tuxedo.

Much of Total Tele Vision’s output is forgotten today or often mistaken as being created by Jay Ward. I have fond memories of watching King Leonardo, Commander McBragg and Tennessee Tuxedo, but don’t think I was ever really a fan of Underdog, which is strange as he was TTV’s most famous character.

While this is just standard, run of the mill TV animation from the 60s I still prefer it to much of what you can see on Cartoon Network today. It and the Jay Ward and Hanna Barbera stuff that came out at this time had a lot of charm that disappeared by the end of that decade and did not return until the late 80s. Of course by the time the new millenium arrived much of the charm in TV animation again disappeared.


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