British Grand Prix Review

Posted: June 22, 2009 in Formula 1, Motorsport, Sport

This is where I write my review of the 2009 British Grand Prix. All I can say is that Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel completely dominated but I am not so sure that they have now gotten the jump on Brawn Grand Prix and Jenson Button. Mark Webber finished second behind Vettel, but spent a lot of time behind a slower Rubens Barrichello, which damaged his chances of challenging Vettel.

Red Bull was much faster than Brawn all weekend. Vettel and Webber finished first and second while Barrichello and Button finished third and sixth. While the new upgrades to the Red Bulls have made them considerably quicker we must remember that the Brawn’s tyres do not work very well with cool track temperatures, which is what we experienced at Silverstone. I don’t think that track temperatures will be that cool again this season and know that the Brawns will have their own upgrades in the coming races. Still it is fascinating to see how the pendulum has swung ever so slightly in Red Bull’s favour considering that Brawn has been so dominant so far this season. I still think that Button and Brawn will win the driver’s and constructor’s championships even if there is Red Bull resurgence, as their leads are in my opinion unassailable.


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