Here is something that has no redeemable qualities at all. It is crappy music mixed with equally CGI animation. This is the kind of crap that has been coming out of Europe for years (remember Crazy Frog!). I think this comes out of Croatia or Germany.

I don’t understand why people sign up to these mobile phone clubs. Both Jamster and Lulu Mobile have the most annoying commercials on TV and if anyone has read the fine print on their websites, they are not the most reputable of companies either. Is there really anyone out there who wants their mobile phone to make ‘hilarious’ fart noises or be used as an x-ray machine? Is anyone dumb enough to rely on Lulu to name their baby or choose their clothes for the day? Is there anyone who does not realise that these mobile phone clubs are simply a scam? Oh wait, I forgot about how gullible Gen Y’s are!

  1. Millsie says:

    The video has been taken off Youtube because Gummi Bear International are claiming copyright has been violated. Do they really want to own up to this atrocity.

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