The Big Blue Marble

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Children's Television
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As a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s there were always great shows on TV. Back then there were shows made especially for kids to entertain and/or educate them, unlike today where kids shows just try treat children like any other demographic and treat them like they are just mini-consumers. Commercial free to air TV shows very little in the way of kids TV here in Australia despite there being government guidelines stating that they have to show a minimum amount of c-rated shows every week. They of course get around this by showing six hours of music videos, which come under the c classification, every week. So remember that whenever Video Hits shows Lady Ga-Ga strolling around half naked, dry humping a dozen guys and singing about riding their “disco sticks”, that this is part of Channel 10s weekly quota of children’s television programming.

The Big Blue Marble is a show that I vaguely remember watching. It’s a show that Priscilla says that she would keenly watch every week. It was a half-hour children’s television series that ran from 1974-1983 and included stories about children around the world and a pen-pal club that encouraged inter-cultural communication. It’s a show that I reckon would be good for today’s kids to watch but I don’t think anyone would make it because it’s not selling anything except friendship and understanding.


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