Marcus Ambrose

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Media Watch, Motorsport
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Wow! You learn something new everyday. Marcus Ambrose went to Nascar because he acheived everything in Australian motorsport and because Nascar is the greatest motorsport series in the world. He did not go to Nascar because it is an easy pay day and that the grid is full of drivers who aren’t good enough to race in Europe.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a motorsport fan, but I cannot stand Nascar. Perhaps it’s because the cars only turn one way or it could be because the fans are all rednecks who were horrified at the thought that Toyota could enter their series. Maybe it’s because even if a driver comes last in a race the still recieve 1000 points. (The points table in Nascar is just crazy!)  Perhaps it is the obscene amount of money that even the most average of Nascar drivers make, or even that many Nascar racers keep going around and around, turning right, right up until their 60s.

Personally I prefer F1 and Le Mans Sportscar racing and even V8 Supercars, but have never gotten into Nascar.


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