60 Minutes

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Media Watch
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Watching 60 Minutes I was sick to my stomach about the story on women who choose to be housewives and nothing else. What has happened to young women that they now have no ambition other than to stay home to look after their children? Worse still is that they husband of one of the wives interviewed, had expectations that his wife be subservient to him. He expected her to have his dinner on the table when he got home, and she could only have spending money if he decided to give it to her. She had to defer a lot of the questions to Frankie, unable to answer anything without his approval.

 I always thought that teamwork was the key to any relationship. That a husband and wife should work together as equal partners, not with one partner having to check with the other for permission to do anything. I also think that many women have very unrealistic ideals these days thanks to watching TV shows like Desperate Housewives and Sex In The City, where all they think that they have to do is to look pretty and hope that everything else works itself out by itself. I think that if I was in a relationship with a bimbo who had no ambition other than to look after the kids I’d end up very bored and go insane. I think that I go even more insane if my partner wanted to ask for my permission on everything and wanted to serve my every whim and not want me to lift a finger while I was at home. Thank goodness that Priscilla is my partner and not a robot or a Stepford Wife!


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