I had always maintained that women’s magazines such as New Idea and Women’s Day are full of (sh)it. It’s just really hard to take any magazine seriously that will have a big story on the dangers of anorexia and bulimia in the same issue where they are picking on some normal sized celebrity for being fat.

I have always thought that these magazines just made their stories up. The proof was plain to see in the last couple of weeks when New Idea reported that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were set to adopt a baby from Vietnam. New Idea said that they had spoken to someone at an adoption agency in Vietnam who had confirmed this story. The only trouble is that when the other media spoke to the same official he told them that he had not spoken to anyone from New Idea but someone who was a lawyer for Keith and Nicole who suspiciously had the same name as the New Idea reporter who broke the story. Yep… New Idea rang up this poor bloke and pretended to be Nicole and Keith’s lawyer and then fabricated the lie that Nicole wanted to adopt a Vietnamese child because… who knows. These journalists are much like the clairvoyants who also frequent the pages of these magazines… just full of crap.


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