Media Reports On Donald’s Big Day

Posted: June 10, 2009 in Animation, Children's Television, Disney, Disney Comics, Media Watch
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dons crimeThe media has reported that today is Donald Duck’s 75th birthday. I have seen reports on Sky News, Channel 7, 10 and 9 all reporting on this important milestone. The ABC and the Age both have reports on the bad tempered duck’s big day. It seems that everyone thinks that this is something that is newsworthy… except for Disney Channel, who are playing several episodes of That’s So Raven, The Suite Life Of Zac And Cody and other tween orientated shows.

For those who care, here are a few of the media reports on Donald’s big day.

News Limited has an article here.
The Age online has a report here.
The ABC online has a report here.
Sky News have their report here.

Most of the articles say the same thing, with perhaps the News Limited one being the most comprehensive. Still they have at least mentioned this event, unlike the Australian Disney website. At this website you can catch up on Jonas TV, Hannah Montana, Disney Girl (the latest fashion and trends) and Club Penguin. No mention of Don’s birthday. Obviously Disney Australia thinks this is unimportant, which doesn’t surprise me as they haven’t even been able to release any of the cartoon shorts onto DVD in anymore than a half arsed fashion. (Releasing the Chronological Donald Volume 1 doesn’t count, as there are still another three unreleased volumes!)


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