The Martins And The Coys

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Animation, Disney
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Here is a clip from the Disney movie Make Mine Music that was cut out of the dvd release for being politically incorrect. Not sure of the exact reason for its exclusion, although it’s been rumoured that the cut was made because the segment is either offensive to people living in America’s south, or because Disney were scared that kids would mimic the excessive gun play featured in the clip. To my knowledge Make Mine Music is one of the few classic Disney films that was not released onto dvd outside of North America.

If it was to be given a region 4 release then I suggest that Disney could release it uncut, as in Australia there are few Southerners to offend and guns aren’t such a big part of our Australian culture.

Personally I think that it is stupid to censor, edit or ban something like this. Couldn’t they have just gotten Leonard Maltin to give a warning before the start of the film and then present it uncut? Or is that too sensible?


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