Posted: June 9, 2009 in Blogging About Blogging

One thing that interests me is just where all the people who read this crappy blog live. While I find it amazing that I am not the only one who reads this stuff, I must admit that I do type all of this stuff down just for my own sake, to get all these rants off my chest. If anyone else reads this and is interested in what I write that is amazing, especially since most stuff I write is boring.

I find it disappointing that since I put the Cluster Map on the blog a couple of weeks ago that only 140 Australians have vested this place. Since I am an Australian and most of the stuff I write is about Australia and for Australians, I would expect that there would be more Aussies coming here. More Americans, Brits, Germans, French, Canadians and Danes have been here than Australians, which I quite interesting itself. I wonder what exactly they are reading on this blog.

I am amazed at some of the varied places that people who have read this come from. I have had people from Syria, Iran, Trinidad and Tobago, Israel, South Africa, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Brazil and other places too. Unfortunately there has been no one from China (probably due to the Chinese government blocking blog sites such as wordpress and blogger) but have had three visitors from Hong Kong.


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