Sometimes Australians really annoy me. Just after I had made a post stating how the recent attacks on Indian students were not racially motivated but were just a symbol how the increase of violence in Australian society, some idiots have to go and prove me wrong. I have heard on the news how in the last couple of days some Indian students have had their cars firebombed in Springvale, whilst some other Indian students have received death threats. Sigh!

 I have always known that there is a deep vein of racism that runs through Australian society, despite what Herald Sun columnists Andrew Bolt and Alan Howe say. It is easy for the Bolts and Howes of this world to be ignorant of racism since they never get to experience it first hand. I used to be naïve and ignorant of racism until I started going out with Priscilla. Since then I have seen how racist Australians can be, from very overt racism, when some idiot called Priscilla a ‘gook’ at a party, from the more subtle type, when I was invited to a wedding but she was not, despite my brother’s wife and sister’s boyfriend being invited. (And despite the fact that at that stage Priscilla and I had been a couple and living together for two years!)

 I really must make comment about Alan Howe’s editorial in the Herald in this morning. It takes a really special individual who when defending Australians as being not racist can make an Islamaphobic rant an end it with one of the most offensively racist statements that I have heard for a long, long time.

“There is no shame in most of us sharing Western Christian values. And if you are feeling morally, educationally and culturally superior to such people this morning, it’s probably because you are.”

Bravo. Way to prove Australians are not racist by writing a racist column.

 As for Andrew Bolt, he gave his usual rant last week. While I agree with him that society has generally become more violent I would not say that it was the non-Anglos causing all the trouble. I would also not say that the Cronulla riots were not racially motivated as they clearly were. Bolt said that the perpetrators of the riot were just Aussie thugs who were fed up with the Lebanese gangs that had invaded the beach. He conveniently ignored the fact that the Aussies were chanting racist slogans and physically attacking anyone who looked foreign. Bolt also said that Pauline Hanson and her supporters were not racist but working class Aussies who were disenchanted with politicians. No Andrew, they were xenophobic Aussies who were disenchanted with politicians and disliked people who were not Anglo. Not racist at all!!!

For anyone interested, here is Alan Howe’s awful article.

  1. […] is not the first time I have blogged about Howe. In June I posted a bit about his Islamaphobic rant where he defended Australia as not being racist by making one of the […]

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