Donald_duck_debutToday is the 75th birthday of Donald Duck. On June 9th 1934, the bad tempered duck appeared as a co-star in the Silly Symphony “The Wise Little Hen”. From this minor role he went on to be Disney’s biggest star, even eclipsing Mickey Mouse’s popularity. Donald has not only starred in over a hundred cartoons but is a major comic book star as well, with his adventures, particularly those chronicled by the late Carl Barks, bringing him world wide acclaim.

Being the major star that he is, you’d think that the Disney Channel would be focussing exclusively on him this month. If you were thinking that then you’d be wrong, as those in charge of programming obviously think that he is not worthy to share the spotlight with Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers or Raven, as after looking at their June schedule, there looks to be nothing special on to celebrate Donald’s birthday. Maybe Disney’s target audience, tween girls, just don’t care about Disney’s second most important character, so why bother to celebrate his career let alone show even one of his cartoons. When we first got Foxtel and Disney Channel was available it was so much more varied. There were lots of classic Disney cartoons and movies as well as the then current stuff, but now it’s 24 hours of Miley, the Jonas Brothers and Raven, no variety at all! Sigh! Thank goodness that I’m around to at least spend this month looking at Disney’s most popular character.


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