More thoughts about the Sunday protest

Posted: June 1, 2009 in Melbourne, Misc Thoughts
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I just want to jot down a few more of my thoughts on yesterdays CBD protest by Indian students over the recent spate of racist and violent attacks against them. Apparently 18 students ended up being arrested for disturbing the peace whilst another protester was arrested for riotous behaviour and vandalism. The police started moving the students on at around 5am so that the city could prepare for the Monday morning peak hour; although some students expressed a desire to block the busy intersection at Flinders and Swanston Street to further disrupt the CBD.


I really question the tactics that the students used. I don’t think that by blocking Melbourne’s busiest intersection and disrupting trams and buses is a very good way to get people sympathetic to your cause. Throwing projectiles at the clocks at Flinders Street Station and smashing the windows there is a good way to annoy people rather than to get them on your side. Why did they not peacefully protest in Federation Square, where they would have gotten just as much publicity and not caused any disruption?!


I also wonder why it is only students from India who feel that they are the target of violent racism in Melbourne. If we are so indiscriminately racist why haven’t we heard of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian or Somali students being bashed? If we are so racist against Indians why haven’t we heard of any attacks against Sri Lankans, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Mauritians or Fijians, who are ethnically Indian too? Why is it only students from India who are complaining, not Indian migrants or people who have lived here for a long time who are of Indian descent? This is very curious indeed!

  1. Bhargav Sai says:

    Hey Dude(or whatever)

    You might have known that there have been and there still are attacks against Indians. You might do well to know that Indian Student Community is much larger than Sri lankans, Pakistanis etc. So naturally there is a bigger chance that racist thugs would attack Indians more and it would come out to this stage.

    Think yourself, grope inside your heart and see whether you are racist or not. Think whether White Aussies are racist or not? You know the answer is YES. You know it, it may not be external racism, but internally I know many whites think of themselves as Cleaner and Superior. See the replies in major websites from Aussies, they all chant the mantra of racism(be it subtle).

    It wonders me, thousands of years ago, India was the richest nation and every other nation would want to see it for the sake of seeing and getting mesmerized. Indians were thought superior, now the situation has changed, maybe this cycle of Karma would repeat again….

  2. Millsie says:

    Hey Dude (or whatever yourself)
    You obviously have some problems reading as in my post I clearly wrote,

    I just want to jot down a few more of my thoughts on yesterdays CBD protest by Indian students over the recent spate of

    and violent attacks against them.

    Also you say that the Indian student community is larger than the other groups that I mentioned. Are you so sure. They may make up the largest amount of East Asian international students, but the number of Chinese students would be much higher. If you look at the East Asian migrant communities then there are almost double the amount of Sri Lankans to students from India. There are 18,000 students from India studying in Melbourne. In contrast there are 30,000 Sri Lankans living in Melbourne. There is roughly the same amount of Indian migrants in Australia too. As I said in my earlier post, why is it the students who are getting targetted so much?

    You also accuse me of being racist. Why do you think this? Is it because I am a white Australian and you have prejudiced and preconcieved ideas about all white Australians being racist? Isn’t this assumption just ever so slightly racist itself? I would never make a sweeping generalisation about people of a certain nationality or ethnicity like this.

    As for Australia having a racism problem, I acknowledge that this is true. I know that there are a lot of ignorant, ill-informed loudmouthed Australians who like to make their stupid opinions known to everyone. These fools are a constant embarrassment to me and to this country. I have had many arguments with these morons. Unfortunately these dumb sheep are too stupid to think for themselves and just accept anything our racist, populist media tells them. The media does spout a constant racist diatribe because they know that these brainless morons will be to stupid to question what they are being told. The media also knows that by making promoting xenophobia they can sell more copy. Why do you think Rupert Murdoch is so rich?!

    India too has her own racism problem but I would not judge every Indian to be racist. It was just a couple of years ago when Indian cricket crowds taunted Andrew Symonds by calling him a monkey due to him being inter-racial. Australian cricket supporters have been shamefully racist in the recent past too, but for Indians to not acknowledge that they have had a problem with racism too would be hypocritical. India also has a caste system, which is something that would never exist in Australia.

    The point that I was trying to make is that the whole reason the students chose to block the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Street was not to make Aussie aware of the racism problem, but to cause as much of a disruption as possible. They could have gotten as much publicity for their cause by protesting at Federation Square, like the Tamil protestors did a couple of weeks before. Alternatively they could have protested at the City Square like the Falun Gong protestors do every other weekend.

  3. Millsie says:

    Also, you should look a where these crime are occurring. The western suburbs and Dandenong in the South East are both parts of Melbourne which are known to be very violent. (Why do you think I got out of Dandenong 15 years ago?) These are areas where no-one, regardless of their ethnicity, is safe to go out in public at night. (Same goes for Southbank)

  4. Bhargav Sai says:

    By the way I am a Male

    Did I call you racist? If I have offended you then I regret it(Sorry for that), what I have said is Generally Australia has some subtle racism. I didn’t link yourself with racism(I asked whether Australia shows racism and the answer you have agreed to be YES).I know whites are not racist, but some people are racist. What I wanted to stress out was that Color generally produces the feeling of superiority.

    As for India being Racist, yes here also racism is there. Even in India Physical appearance matters to some and economically poor people are biased against. It happens everywhere and in every country and what saddens me is that Police and Government has taken not much of an action against this. In our country, East Indians are ill treated because they look different. Yes, we have to solve the problem, and myself have taken a resolution to kill even the subtlest of racism.

    And it is misunderstanding about Symonds issue. In India a very famous term or swearing word is Maaki which means “Your Mothers”, it is a famous swear word, some say Maaki Choot it means Your Mother’s ——-. So Harbhajan in the heat of moment has called Symonds Maaki, which is misunderstood as Monkey. Harbhajan is a pucca India with little knowledge and frequency of speaking English.

    The last point of your is right, i.e the localities are violent, i’ve heard that. I just want police to take action.


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