Posted: June 1, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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It’s funny how ever since the other day when I made a post mocking Australia’s over-reaction to the Swine-flu pandemic that I have become sick myself. Fortunately I have not caught the H1N1 flu but the common cold. Perhaps it’s karma?! It’s not a really bad cold, as I don’t feel all that ill, just a nagging cough and a slightly sore throat.

I went to buy some Codral this morning at the Amcal chemist in the Eureka Tower in Southbank. I had to buy the original formula Codral, as the new formula ones are not at all effective. Smarties work better at easing a cold than the new formula Codral which seem to be just a sugar pill placebo anyway.  

Because I wanted the original formula Codral, which contain pseudoephedrine, the pharmacist asked me 1001 questions and had to take down my licence details before selling them to me. This is because drug dealers used to buy Codral to extract the psuedoephidrine and make amphetimines to sell on the street. This is also why Pfizer created the new formula Codral which contains no pseudoephedrine.


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