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Have I ever told you how much I hate people misspelling my name? Probably, but that won’t stop me from doing it again. Anyone who has read through this blog will know that I love to whinge about the same issues over and over again.

Firstly, my Christian name is spelt Mathew. It is NOT Matthew!!! For thirty six years I have spelled it with only a single ‘tee’ not with a double ‘tee’. Can people just accept that this is how my name is spelt and get over it? It’s not such a big thing to get right, especially if you take the time to actually look at the way that I spell my name and not assume that it is always Matthew. I always make sure that I spell your name correctly so please pay me the same respect too.

I remember when I was back in the first grade and I had a teacher, Mrs. Panetta, put a big red cross through my name and had me rewrite it the way that she deemed correct. I protested that my name is spelt with just one ‘T’ but she wouldn’t hear of it. In her narrow mind Mathew was always to be spelled Matthew and nothing I could do would change her mind. I went home and told my Mum that the teacher said that my name was spelt wrongly, which you could imagine made my Mum and Dad fume with anger. They went down to speak to my teacher and to inform her that I was spelling my name correctly and that she should not interfere with it.

It’s not as Mathew is that uncommon as a variant of Matthew. On the second fleet that set sail to Australia there was a Mathew Mills, which means in the 200+ year old history of white settlement in this country I am not the only person with this name. (I only found this out during the bi-centennial in 1988 when a list was published of all the early Australian settlers. I was not named after this chap though!) Then there is the famous American civil war photographer Mathew Brady whose most famous photograph is the definitive portrait picture of President Abraham Lincoln.

So please just read my first name carefully and try to spell it right. It’s not that difficult to do.

I remember first seeing this posted by Thad Komorowski on his blog ages ago. This cartoon was made by Clampett for Republic pictures in the hope of kicking off their own animation department, but nothing ever came of it.

Apparently this is going to be included as an extra on the Beany & Cecil colume 2 dvd. Hopefully it is restored and looks nicer than this version which has been doing the rounds.


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There’s been a bit of a debate raging about whether the Beany & Cecil cartoons are actually good or bad and whether early TV animation is good or terrible. I suppose that when compared to theatrical animation it is terrible, but when compared to the rubbish that followed in the late 60s, through the 70s and into the early 80s it is gold.

Pissed Off

Posted: June 29, 2009 in Stuff

I am quite pissed off at the moment. The other day I spent an hour writing up a whole lot of notes for a staff meeting that I couldn’t attend and left a note in the diary that these notes were left in my tray to be read out in my absence. When I arrived at work the next day I saw that the notes were still in my tray and from reading the minutes of the staff meeting I could also see that my notes had not been read out. This is very annoying. I hate that I went to all of this effort only to be ignored. I had written out some very important information but obviously it was not important enough. There really was no excuse for this as I clearly and very legibly wrote that I had especially written these notes to be read out and I don’t think that it’s too much to expect them to be read out. Obviously my supervisor doesn’t bother to read the diary or if he does he only reads the endlessly mundane notes that he himself writes.

 Another thing pissed me off while I was reading the minutes. There was a comment under my successes that I was “Following up on things and not leaving them for other staff to do.” Um… OK… do I do that? I don’t think so! This was only written because I finally got around to doing something that I was asked to do a few weeks earlier, but that I never had the opportunity to follow up on because I was never stationed in the section where this task was meant to be performed. It is a bit difficult for me to do something in an area where I am not actually working. But of course this fact is conveniently ignored, as usual. Also ignored is the fact that I work in this area on the busiest days, in which there is little or no time to do those little extra things as you only get enough time to complete the set tasks for the night. These are the same two nights in which the supervisor no longer works because they are so hectic. Then again he hardly works much anyway, as he gives himself lots of long breaks in between shifts, while I have to do a seven day stretch without a full day break. The longest that I ever get off is two days in a row, whereas just last week he had six days in a row off. I have been complaining about my roster for over 18 months and I keep getting told that things will change soon, but they never do. Of course it’s hard for my roster to change at all if he keeps all the best shifts for himself and gives himself such long breaks. Perhaps I’m just a sucker?

I’m Weird

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According to the Sunday Herald Sun I must be bizarre. I have come to this conclusion because under the headline Jacko’s Bizarre Requests the newspaper outlines some of the utterly ridiculous requests that Michael Jackson made on his last Australian tour. Apparently he requested M&Ms, Pepsi, popcorn and KFC and wanted to watch videos such as ET, To Kill A Mockingbird and The Three Stooges which all sound very outrageous… except that I like M&Ms, Pepsi, popcorn and KFC and own ET, To Kill A Mockingbird and a whole lot of Three Stooges dvds… which means that I must be bizarre too.

Not sure if this was just a lazy sub-editor who pulled this stupid headline out of his arse because he was too stupid to think up anything original, or if it really is bizarre to eat M&Ms, KFC, popcorn, drink Pepsi and to watch ET, To Kill A Mockingbird and The Three Stooges. I do know that it is bizarre to consider any article to come from the Sunday Herald Sun to be considered journalism or to be seen as so worthwhile that it deserves me writing so much about it.

Here’s the alleged article.

Here’s a clip of the Jackson5 cartoon featuring one of my all time favourite songs I Want You Back.

It actually makes me a little sad to think of Michael when he was a little boy and to then think of how things were when he passed away.

I think this clip below with Muhammed Ali is from the Jackson’s 1977 Variety Show. (Because everyone had a variety show in 1977)

Beany and Cecil are coming to DVD this September with Volume 2 of The Beany And Cecil show. Unfortunately Volume 1 was released in 2001 and I don’t think that there are any plans to bring it back into print, but Volume 2 is 2009’s must buy cartoon DVD.

 For those who don’t know who Beany and Cecil are, they were created by famed Looney Tunes director Bob Clampett in the 40s on his TV show Time For Beany, which was not an animated show but a puppet show. It was said that this show was a favourite of many famous people, among them Albert Einstein and Groucho Marx. Apparently the DVD contains some episodes of Time For Beany. For those who want to see what the puppet show was like, here are some clips form Youtube.

About a decade after the puppet show finished Clampett decided to animate Beany And Cecil, which is the main focus of the DVD and perhaps what most people most fondly remember. The animated version has many famous fans also, from Ren & Stimpy creator John K to AC/DC guitarist Angus Young.

I heard that Time For Beany was shown in Australia in the cinemas as short films, as we did not get TV until 1956. When I heard this news it was just stated that it was Beany and Cecil that was shown in cinemas, but I gather that the animated version would have been shown on TV when it came out in the early 60s.

 Anyway, the DVD is now on pre-order at Amazon for $17.50, which is very cheap.  You can order it by clicking on the link below.

Beany & Cecil Volume 2


Tennessee Tuxedo is one of those characters that is now long forgotten. A Product of Total Tele Vision from the early 60s, it featured the great Don Adams as the voice of Tennesse Tuxedo.

Much of Total Tele Vision’s output is forgotten today or often mistaken as being created by Jay Ward. I have fond memories of watching King Leonardo, Commander McBragg and Tennessee Tuxedo, but don’t think I was ever really a fan of Underdog, which is strange as he was TTV’s most famous character.

While this is just standard, run of the mill TV animation from the 60s I still prefer it to much of what you can see on Cartoon Network today. It and the Jay Ward and Hanna Barbera stuff that came out at this time had a lot of charm that disappeared by the end of that decade and did not return until the late 80s. Of course by the time the new millenium arrived much of the charm in TV animation again disappeared.

The List

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Here is a list of people who I don’t care about or dislike with a passion. If I never heard about these people again, or never heard them speak again, I would be very happy. To me these are the most annoying people in the world. This is not in any particular order.

  • Malcolm Turnbull
  • Dominick Dunne
  • E! News
  • Jason Coleman
  • Piers Ackerman
  • Woman’s Day
  • New Idea
  • Melissa Hoyer
  • Gossip Columnists
  • Fox And Friends
  • Andrew Bolt
  • Paparazzi
  • Paris Hilton
  • Trinny & Susannah
  • Chris Lilley
  • Zoo Magazine Girls
  • Gary Wilkinson
  • Lindsey Lohan
  • Lady Ga-Ga
  • Miley Cyrus
  • The Jonas Brothers
  • Andrew Johns
  • Naomi Robson
  • James Brayshaw
  • Fundamentalist Christians
  • Paul McCartney
  • John Cena
  • Bigots
  • Seth McFarlane
  • Ray Romano
  • Peter Moon
  • Terrorists
  • Mormons
  • Tila Tequila
  • MTV VJs
  • Kim Kardashian
  • Astrologers
  • Chris Brown
  • Edward Cullen
  • The Hills TV Show
  • Posh Spice
  • Craig Hutchinson
  • Clairvoyants
  • Muslim Extremists
  • Todd McKenney
  • Peter Ford
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Sonia Kruger
  • Leyton Hewitt
  • Celebrity Doctors
  • John Ralph
  • Glen Milne
  • Andrew Daddo
  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Roy & HG
  • NW Magazine
  • DIY TV Shows
  • Paul Murray
  • Larry Emdur
  • Prue McSween
  • Hillbilly Jim
  • The NRL Footy Show
  • Grazia Magazine
  • Nova FM
  • John Michael Howson
  • Fat Pizza TV Show
  • Bec Hewitt
  • ABC 774
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Clowns
  • Alan Howe
  • Tara Reid
  • The Olsen Twins
  • Eddie McGuire
  • Derryn Hinch
  • Pauline Hanson
  • Robert Mugabe
  • Eric Clapton
  • Bernie Ecclestone
  • Scientologists
  • Kid Rock
  • Jordan
  • Andrew O’Keefe
  • Matthew White
  • Red Symons
  • Cops TV Show
  • Peter Andre
  • John Howard
  • US Weekly Magazine
  • Danni Minogue
  • Britney Spears
  • Peaches Geldof
  • Kyle Sandilands
  • Mark Latham
  • Speedy Gonzales
  • Reality TV Stars!!!
  • Fred Durst
  • Jackie O
  • Bill O’Reilly
  • John Laws
  • Randy Orton
  • OK Magazine
  • John Elliott
  • MX Newspaper
  • Greta Van Susteren
  • Sean Hannity
  • Katy Perry
  • Ann Coulter
  • Alan Jones (Radio Shock Jock)
  • Donald Trump
  • George W Bush
  • Fox FM
  • Amy Winehouse
  • The Ku Klux Klan
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • Maria Sharapova
  • David Koche
  • Bindi Irwin
  • Perez Hilton
  • Max Mosley
  • White Supremacists
  • Charity Beggars

This is where I write my review of the 2009 British Grand Prix. All I can say is that Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel completely dominated but I am not so sure that they have now gotten the jump on Brawn Grand Prix and Jenson Button. Mark Webber finished second behind Vettel, but spent a lot of time behind a slower Rubens Barrichello, which damaged his chances of challenging Vettel.

Red Bull was much faster than Brawn all weekend. Vettel and Webber finished first and second while Barrichello and Button finished third and sixth. While the new upgrades to the Red Bulls have made them considerably quicker we must remember that the Brawn’s tyres do not work very well with cool track temperatures, which is what we experienced at Silverstone. I don’t think that track temperatures will be that cool again this season and know that the Brawns will have their own upgrades in the coming races. Still it is fascinating to see how the pendulum has swung ever so slightly in Red Bull’s favour considering that Brawn has been so dominant so far this season. I still think that Button and Brawn will win the driver’s and constructor’s championships even if there is Red Bull resurgence, as their leads are in my opinion unassailable.