How To Win Friends And Influence People!

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Melbourne, Misc Thoughts
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Today there was a protest in the Melbourne CBD. A group of about 2000 Indian students decided to block off the intersection of Swanston and Flinders Streets, bringing cars, buses and trams to a standstill. They were protesting against the recent attacks against Indians in Melbourne, which they say is indicative of the racism that they face in Australia. The protest has lasted several hours and has turned very ugly with some students throwing shoes and projectiles and smashing windows at Flinders Street Station and then making their own taunts at passers by who were returning home from the football.

I wonder if this is the right way to go about things. It doesn’t seem to be very logical that if you wanted people to give you a fair go that you’d then go out of your way to annoy those people by blocking up the city’s major intersection. It also seems very stupid to then vandalise Flinders Street Station by smashing windows and harassing others. This is not a way to make people sympathetic to your cause. It is a good way of pissing people off and making them even more intolerant of you!!!

As for Australia being a racist country… well duh! This is well known to everyone. But not all of us Aussies are racist. There have been a few violent attacks on Indian students in the past couple of months but this is perhaps indicative of how much more violent a place Melbourne has become in recent years, as violent crime as a whole is on the rise. Even I do not feel very safe at night and am alarmed at the amount of violence on the streets and on public transport. Racism and violence are wrong and people have the right to peacefully protest, but you don’t want to annoy people while brining your cause to their attention!

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