What’s happened to Safeway?

Posted: May 24, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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I wonder if any other Victorians have noticed this, but the Safeway supermarket brand seems to be disappearing, being rebranded as Woolworths. I notice that the new supermarket in Carnegie was a Woolworths, not Safeway, whilst the QV city store has been rebranded as a Woolworths since its recent refurbishment. I think that the Chadstone store is also now a Woolworths. I notice that whilst the South Melbourne store is still branded as a Safeway, that the Safeway name has been taken off the receipt, replaced with the motto “The Fresh Food People”.

I wonder just why all this rebranding is going on and if it will work? I know it must be difficult for the company to be called Safeway only in Victoria but Woolworths everywhere else, however by changing the brand name it could have dire consequences, as Victorians have been calling the supermarket Safeway for over 45 years and it takes a lot to wipe away that amount of tradition and loyalty. Many Victorians may feel that things are being dictated from the head office in Sydney and abandon Woolworths for Coles. I also believe that Woolworths have tried and failed to rebrand their Victorian supermarkets before back in the 1980s when Woolworths first acquired Safeway.

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