Posted: May 18, 2009 in AFL, Sport
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Collingwood were smashed by Carlton today. They were simply pathetic. While Scott Pendleberry played virtually a lone hand with a little support from Leon Davis, all the other players were terrible. Some people may try to make excuses by saying that we have injuries, but that does not explain the horrible kicking and decision making of veteran players like Heath Shaw and Dane Swan. Kicking for goal was particularly terrible.

I doubt that Collingwood will reach the finals this year; if they do it will be a miracle. I believe that there will probably be a change of coach at the end of the year. The last two weeks have been the worst of the last decade under Malthouse and it seems that many of the players lacked motivation. If Collingwood players cannot get motivated for a game against Carlton then you know something is wrong! Malthouse must be given some credit as he has taken a team full of average players and turned them into regular finalists, but if we are to compete successfully with Geelong or St Kilda we need something more. I do believe that Nathan Buckley will coach Collingwood sooner or later and he could be doing so next season. I also wonder if the rumours that Malthouse is interested in the upcoming Richmond coaching job have caused the Collingwood players’ motivation to wane a bit.


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