Posted: May 13, 2009 in Melbourne, Misc Thoughts
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I read in yesterday’s paper that Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle was looking for suggestions with what to do with the Moomba festival. Unfortunately he did not provide any forum for us to make these suggestions in, so naturally enough I will make my suggestions here.

 When I was growing up we were told that Moomba was the Koori word for ‘let’s get together and have fun’. Whilst it has now been established that this is not the true meaning of the word Moomba, the idea of a festival where everyone can just get together and enjoy themselves is great. For the last decade or more Moomba has been in limbo as various festival directors have tried to ‘arts’ it up. Do the majority of Melbournians really want a festival full of ‘artsy fartsy’ stuff or would or they want something that everyone could enjoy?

 My idea for Moomba is that it has to be a festival where everyone can get together and have fun, regardless of their background or culture. It should be a multicultural festival where we can learn about each other. Wouldn’t it be great to learn about and see representations of all the different cultures that make up Melbourne, from Koori and British to Chinese and African and everything in between? It could be a festival full of music and dancing. We could have didgeridoos and bagpipes, Chinese dragons and lions and African and Bollywood dancing. This all makes sense when you remember that most people agreed that the most popular part of the Moomba parade was the Chinese Millennium Dragon.

 We could keep the rides and water skiing as they have always been integral parts of Moomba, as has the birdman rally. We could also keep the Moomba parade as long as it features floats and is not just a tram parade or a water parade which have been tried and proven unsuccessful in the past. Also the parade should not feature stupidity like it has for the last few years where it has included dumb things like body builders or Star Trek freaks… I mean fans. The parade should also not feature stilt walkers or clowns as they frighten me. (Zig & Zag used to freak me out as a kid… actually they were still freaking me out when I was in my twenties too!)


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