Bad Old Collingwood

Posted: May 12, 2009 in AFL, Sport
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Collingwood were thrashed by 88 points last night. St Kilda really spiflicated them and as a Collingwood supporter it was another hugely disappointing night. It is so frustrating because we have a lot of good players who for some reason don’t look like they will ever take the next step to being great players. Guys like Thomas, Swan, Cloke, Shaw and Didak are just too inconsistent to realise their full potential. I also think that perhaps Anthony Rocca’s time has come. Collingwood desperately needs one or two great players of the calibre of Chris Judd or Gary Ablett to be able to be considered serious premiership contenders. At the moment we do not have that.

There is also much speculation about whether this will be Mick Malthouse’s last season as coach. Rumours going around suggest that he has signed to coach Richmond next year, with either Port Adelaide’ Mark Williams or Nathan Buckley replacing him in 2010. I actually would not mind if Malthouse did leave at the end of the season. He has done well to get what is an average playing group consistently into the finals, yet perhaps we need someone new at the helm that can get us to take that next step.

  1. Ace Athlete says:

    Another great post. Keep it up, i have become a big fan of your blog…

  2. […] as one of the favourites for the flag as we enter September. This is a real change from when I last wrote about Collingwood twelve weeks ago. Since then the Magpies have just lost one game and are the form team of the […]

  3. Millsie says:

    Wow, I was right and wrong in this post. I was right in that I knew that we needed another couple of playrs so that we could take the next step but it was Jolly & Ball that we needed not Ablett & Judd. I was also right about Swan, Didak, Thomas and Shaw being inconsistent but three of those four have exceeded my expectations in the past 12 months. Daisy was exceptional in both Grand Finals while Shaw put in a stellar performance in the replay. Cloke is still too inconsistent, especially with his goal kicking. I was right about Rocca though.

    I was also right and wrong about Mick Malthouse. I predicted that Buckley would take over but not that he would be groomed into the position for two years first. Mick also coached brilliantly this year.

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