2009 Spanish Grand Prix

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Ferrari, Formula 1, Sport
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Last night Jenson Button won the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in what was another dominant display by the Brawn Mercedes team. His teammate Rubens Barrichello finished second with Mark Webber third in his Red Bull Renault.

 There were a few interesting talking points that came from a pretty boring race.

 Firstly, Brawn changed Jenson Button from a three pit stop strategy to a two pit stop strategy but neglected to change Rubens to a two stopper. It seems that the two stop race was the optimum strategy so why didn’t Brawn change Barrichello to that strategy as well. Rubens seemed a bit annoyed that he was stuck on a three stopper and that he perhaps could have been able to maintain his lead if he had of.

 Secondly, Ferrari stuffed things up again. Massa was short fuelled at his final pit stop which meant he could not defend his position at the end of the race. He had superbly gotten his Ferrari into fourth place and had held up the much quicker Sebastian Vettel for most of the race, but had to slow dramatically in the last four laps to conserve fuel. He finally finished sixth after a very slow last lap. Kimi Raikkonen failed to finish after yet another Ferrari mechanical failure put him out of the race.

 Finally, what has happened to Sebastian Vettel? He finished fourth but he should have been challenging for a win. Instead he was held up by Massa. Sure, Massa has the advantage of a KERS boost on the straights, but Vettel did not look like challenging Felipe and it seems he was content to sit behind Massa. Contrast this lack of aggression to his teammate who pulled out yet another brilliantly brave overtaking manoeuvre on Fernando Alonso (who also had the advantage of KERS). A lot of experts believe that Vettel is the only man who can challenge Button for the World Driver’s Championship this year but if he is going to do so he needs to be able to overtake someone on the track.

2009 Spanish GP Results

  1. Jenson Button
  2. Rubens Barrichello
  3. Mark Webber
  4. Sebastian Vettel
  5. Fernando Alonso
  6. Felipe Massa
  7. Nick Heidfeld
  8. Nico Rosberg

It looks increasingly likely that Button will win the World Championship this year. He has won four of five races so far and has a 14 point lead over Barrichello. (If Bernie’s gold medal system was being used the championship could be over after the next four races!)

  1. Button – 41 points
  2. Barrichello – 27 points
  3. Vettel – 23 points
  4. Webber – 15.5 points
  5. Trulli – 14.5
  6. Glock – 12
  7. Hamilton – 9
  8. Alonso – 9
  9. Heidfeld – 6
  10. Rosberg – 4.5

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