$15 for nothin’

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Misc Thoughts
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The other day Priscilla and I went to shop at Highpoint in Maribyrnong. We had to go to the Godfrey’s there to buy some new vacuum cleaner bags. We asked the Indian bloke working there for the price of bags for a Hoover Hotshotz vacuum cleaner. He looked on the shelf and then looked through a book before grabbing some bags from the shelf and informing us that the bags would cost $15. We bought the bags and took them home to try out in our vacuum.

 This is when we noticed that something was wrong. Taking the bags out of their packaging we saw that they were at leats ½ the size of the bags that we had previously been using. Not only that but it did not fit into our vacuum. Looking on the package we saw that it was suitable for Electrolux, Goblin and Daewoo vacuums but there was not mention of Hoover at all. We had been sold the wrong bags but after some adjustments with a pair of scissors and a lot of force we managed to make them fit.

 This has made me think about a couple of issues. Firstly why would the guy blatantly sell us the wrong bags? Is he so desperate to make a sale and make money that he would lie to get us to buy the wrong thing? Doesn’t he realise that if he was honest and said that he didn’t have any Hoover bags in stock but could get some in, we would have still bought form him?

 Secondly I wonder if Hoover is trying to make their old vacuums obsolete by only making bagless vacuums, which means those of us with old vacuums have to upgrade or else we will not be able to buy bags for them. I don’t know if Hoover is really doing this, but for the last three weeks we have been to several vacuum cleaners shops as well as Targets and Big W’s looking for bags without success. I know that after a few years Printer companies such as Cannon make their old printers obsolete by discontinuing making ink for them. This is something that really annoys me as I hate having to throw out a perfectly good machine that still works really well, just because you cannot buy any accessories for them.


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