Wayne Jackson

Posted: May 7, 2009 in AFL, Sport
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Former AFL CEO Wayne Jackson came out today to say that there are too many Melbourne football teams and that at least two of them, Melbourne and North Melbourne should merge. He said that Melbourne cannot accommodate 10 teams but I think that Wayne Jackson should just keep his biased mouth shut!!!

 It should never be forgotten that Jackson is a South Australian who as AFL CEO did a lot of things that were detrimental to Victorian football. North Melbourne CEO Eugene Arocca today said that it was Jackson who a decade ago encouraged Victorian clubs to sign up for the current stadium deals which in recent years have robbed the clubs of so much income. Jackson also was behind getting rid of Waverley Park, figuring that the new 50,000 seat Docklands stadium could accommodate the loss of the 90,000 seat stadium in Mulgrave. (I did note that current AFL CEO Andrew Demetreou said today that the AFL are looking at building a new stadium!) Jackson also saw the demise of Fitzroy when he was AFL CEO, when they were taken over by Brisbane, and almost saw Melbourne and Hawthorn (last season’s premiers) merge.

We really have to take his comments with a grain of salt as he has never shown any love for the Melbourne clubs or Melbourne people. He should just keep his thoughts to himself and stay in sleepy Adelaide. Maybe he should go to a Crows or Power game at Football Park with the other five Adelaide people who can be bothered going to the football.


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